not all those who wander are lost

Over at the Studebaker the fire still smolders down below. The 30 tons of rotted meat smells quite nasty now.

Elevator shaft

Water main gushes helplessly in the crushed building debris.

Scappers swarming just like the flies.

Scrapper Napper


Crackers – the other kind…

Okay, this is the stupidest shit Ive ever seen – slapping up silly baseball stuff on the Renaissance Center

Okay, well…second stupidest thing next to GM slapping their crap ass logo on the Ren Cen.

6 Responses to Scrapper Napper

  • There is little left of athletics in US professional sports. It is too hard to play a game when every thing is designed around television and advertising.

    That is not even getting into youth athletics, attitudes and parent behavior.

  • I guess there’s some kind of game coming up. I’ll know about it when I get stuck in traffic.

  • At least you Detroit folks are doing something. When we had our “up at bat” for the All Star Game, we blew it big time. You couldn’t even tell it was going on, everything looked the same because it was.

  • True Dat Cooper. Certainly thats just my reaction, and I absolutely HATE american corporate sports.

    On a lighter note, I think theres another decal on the Music Hall – or maybe the Opera House. I forgot – but its the same rendition with the feet to home plate.

  • I thought the Ren Cen decal was kind of neat, especially the marker showing the feet between comerica and the ren cen. Hate it or love it man, Detroit is filled with sports nerds.

  • Nice pics….looks like smokey inhaled a little too much asbestos.