not all those who wander are lost

Saw this fire today in the Grandmont hood on Schoolcraft near Longacre. Auto repair place that went up in flames.

From the Southfield Freeway.

From the neighborhood.

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  • I just wanted to say what your website has done to me…growing up in Southern MA I am familiar with abandonment and unwarranted fires due to lost industry and neglect by government officials. Now in eastern north Carolina, which has seen its own share of lost factories and plants; combined with increased environmental pressures, these have inadvertently caused increased poverty and violence. Your pictures led me to research the downfall of Detroit, especially the Detroit Free Press articles, and I found myself thinking about Detroit none stop. I find myself no longer even being able to watch the old show Home Improvement.
    As a student of public administration, I have tried to analyze in my mind what would happen if what occurred in Detroit happened to other cities…what if Obamas health care plan wipes out the huge hospitals in Boston…what is there is a serious drought in Raleigh, which would stop industry in one of the fastest growing cities in the US? I guess after saying all this…your website speaks volumes to what could be all of our futures and is a picture book of our neglect, disrespect, and lack of values that this country is beginning to portray. I currently graduated with a Masters and no job prospects except for a part time waitress (which is a job I am thankful to have, but everyone one I meet and talk to, I tell of this website. Thank you.

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