not all those who wander are lost

Here at Church of the Messiah over on the eastern part of Grand Boulevard, they used to have a very fine bronze crucifix. In fact, here it is in this detroitfunk file photo from about 5 years ago.

You know how this story is going to end: scrappers stole the Jesus right off the wall. Now, I guess I can see some demented crackheads eyeing the Good Lord for his scrap value, but what kind of cold bastard at the scrap yard had the balls to melt him down ? ?

And then ages ago, the bronze bust from the Hurlbut Memorial Gate was scrapped. I heard stories that somebody still had Chaunceys head someplace, and that it would be returned one day if the gate were ever restored.

Well, that day came and went, and there still is no Hurlbut head in the gate.

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