not all those who wander are lost

An early May 2010 piece done by BANKSY.

i remember when all this was trees

Here is his photo of it on Flickr.

And the BANKSY website.

That’s crazy that this guy did a piece in the partially demolished Packard Plant here in Detroit….It just sucks that somebody couldn’t save this thing. It is actually a very important piece..

But how the hell would you extract such a thing from a mangled corpse of a building like Packard ?

Ladies and gentlemen, the attempt is being made to save the piece, spearheaded by Monte from 555 !

I had come back to the site last night to take better photos of the Banksy, because I wanted to give a print to my uncle David. I stumbled upon the 555 people going about trying to preserve this piece – BRAVO !

The whole process was well documented, and here’s hoping for success. I have seen such attempts in the past with not much luck. (the Art School of the Society of Arts and Crafts zodiacal murals)

I could not stay to see if they were successful – we’ll have to wait and hear from 555 on that.