not all those who wander are lost

Mrs dFUNK and I decided to head out to Royal Oak for a meal and a giggle. Rubbing elbows with the drunken hipster elite…….. “Royal Joke”.

Damn….is there no place to get a $5 coffee in this town ?????

Thursdays used to be “biker night” but that turned into “any damn night”. These weekass warriors love nothing more than sitting on their “hogs” and revving the motors which sends pounds of carbon monoxide into the various restaurants and store fronts. Now THATS cool.

As a former server who worked in this town for 5 years, let me just say to any of you restaurant/bar goers out there: just because you pay for a meal in a restaurant and are waited on by a tipable employee, does NOT mean you sit in possession of judgment day. Pay for your goddamn service. You dont want to know what that meal or drink would cost you if the servers were paid direct rather than having to live off your pocket change.

We ate at Monterrey Cantina – good food, good service, fat tip.

Heyo ~ Never a chance to feel homesick for Detroit, EGGS !

Incognito is where we would buy our punk rock gear when I was in highschool. That was a long long time ago – thank god.

And of course, Noir Leather


The Salvation Army store is ALWAYS a hot place for laughs !

An NSYNC marionette doll, just like the real ones ! Creeeeepy.

Now, why doesnt Detroit think of putting stickers on metal objects to fend off scrappers ? ? LMAO

The Marshall Fredericks (Spirit of Detroit artist, aka “green guy” at CAY center) statue near the Royal Oak library.

Fredericks’ studio was located in Royal Oak.

The seams were so poor on this bronze that Mrs dFUNK predicted they would not hold. (her degree is in sculpture) Sure enough, shortly after installation, the whole thing was taken down and sent back to the foundry for new welds.

This is a really freaky statue if you ask me. I cant even imagine what its trying to get across, with the dominant male figure and the submissive female perched on his shoulder. Very uncomfortable to look at.

This is the Royal Oak Post Office. Predating the Columbine era and subsequent factory shootings, this is among the original post office locations where the term “going postal” was invented in the late 80’s and early 90’s. During the shooting terrified people smashed through the plate glass windows to escape being shot to death by fired postal worker Tom McIlvane.