not all those who wander are lost

I went back to the area where I was the other night during the fires, only to be greeted by a gaggle of fancy pants media people, with their million dollar trucks and satellites.

This area is the epicenter of the fire on this block, according to DFD. Downed lines on this property lit up everything in site.

This is one of the places I stood during the fire. This is looking across the alley at the back of a house on Robinwood. The downed line in this area is the one DTE says it was called about.

Thank goodness the building inspector got out here to condemn these burned buildings……Although many were originally burnt years ago, yet never received notice. The City was also on the ball writing PARKING TICKETS for those who lost their homes and could not park in their driveway.

Neighborhood kids watching the media folks make the event into a television product.

The online personalities took turns standing in the rubble, talking excitedly about “what went wrong”.

Amy Lange is cool though, Ive worked around her a lot, and she is a bad ass reporter.

And yet again….who is it that comes to scenes like this just ahead of me and sprinkles these pathetic aftermath teddy bears around ? Is this done just for photographers ? Okay, I fell for it again…look at that sad teddy bear.

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