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This the Preferred Filter Recycling fire that occurred over the weekend. Now, this fire was bad for several reasons – along with restricted access to the building due to its location, and the volatility of its contents – we have evidence of the issue I just brought up in a recent post – WATER PRESSURE. There was little or none on site when DFD arrived, and the water department was deployed to reroute pressure to the surrounding fire hydrants. This is something I have witnessed at multiple fires, the fire department having to stretch hoses across 5 lane roads to get to a working outlet with pressure. This is a safety issue, as well as a regional water issue of considerable magnitude.

Where is that @#$%$ “stimulus” money from Washington D.C. ? Because the infrastructure in the Metropolitan Detroit Area needs about a trillion dollars…..yesterday.

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HazMat on scene checking to make sure the air quality was awful. I could see and smell this fire at 8 mile and Kelly.

The fire was dangerously close to this White Castle, which would have created a REAL HazMat situation if it burned !

This is right across Gratiot from City Airport (and Gethsemane Cemetery) so some of the planes had to dodge the plume while coming in for a landing.

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