not all those who wander are lost


We found these in our travels the other day and I just lost my mind. How do you get Ghetto Dogs anyway – right ? They gotta come from someplace. They all must start out as Pity Puppies before moving to full hellhound status as Ghetto Dogs.

Where is this one ? Brush Park ? Hahaha !


Uk – makes me need to choke back vomit. LOL


I love the cigarette butt..nice touch. Oh, and the embossed fake brushstokes are awesome !

These things are by an “artist” called “Gig”. This insane shit was the rage in the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s and was produced by artists such as Walter and/or Margaret Keane, Gig, Maio, Eden, Eve, Lee, Goji, Ozz Franca, and Igor.

Heres is an awesome gallery of GIG pity puppies and pity kitties.

The masters of Big Eyed shit: the Keanes

Want to read the book ?



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