not all those who wander are lost

This is the continuing series of dFUNK bicycle powered photo-safaris. This is my bike “champ” – an absurdly simple old school machine that has already carried me over 500 miles of road. One gear ratio, no mountain bike stuff, inline brake, no frills – just dFUNK powered all the way.

Last week I took the cruise down Jefferson after rolling through the splendid Grosse Pointes. I stopped down Alter Road (this is the Mason Dixon Line of the East Side) to get some close up imagecopyrighted of a particularly handsome apartment building there.

Check out these tile inlays – Rabbits, Sailboats, Clippers…

But these carvings in the main entry are the real deal – Joe Parducci.

Peter Pan Flower Shop “We Wire Flowers”.

Note the “VA” exchange. This is an old school phone exchange standard that has slipped into history. It would be said like “Virginia Two, 3697”. My Grandparents old exchange was “TU” and was said as “Tuxedo Eight” etc.


Check out the details on the building Allen were in though – pretty hot.

Surviving Vanity Ballroom detail.

I made my way into Midtown where there are piles of Queen Anne and Victorian “Gilded Age” houses. I end up taking millions of details shots of those. This is an interesting garage door, more properly a “carriage door”.

Old apartment buzzer/mailbox retrofit

Heres one thing I’ll always hate about the EastSide – FISHFLIES !

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew !

Hey, City of Harper Woodscut your expressway grass you lazy assholes !

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