not all those who wander are lost

Back to the EasternMarket Yards to check out the spraypaint stuff..

5 Responses to Paintyard

  • I love seeing coverage of the Market Yard. Before I left Detroit, I heard rumors of Barry Mcgee’s work being in the yard. I didn’t get a chance to check. Did you see any “Twist” while you were down there? If so, did you get any pics?

  • Funny you should post that today DF, I was there about half an hour ago exploring the track as a possible commute route into midtown. Nice shots of the work down there.

  • The third one from the bottom is amazing…almost has a comic book likeness to it.

  • I would love for the city to restore the rails so we can quit being slaves to autoculture. This could connect Eastern Market with the waterfront, Hamtramck, Midtown, and the rest of Southeast Michigan.

  • I would love for the city to rail to trail the yards. This could connect the waterfront with Eastern Market. Talk about a nice Saturday morning, walk off your Farmers breakfast with a stroll to the river.