not all those who wander are lost

I toured the Packard the other day with the crew, but it was probably more about humoring me than them wanting to go that day. So I headed back today to do the whole monster alone.

I headed in and climbed to the top of one of the taller regions before sunset.

I started on the southern tip and went through floor by floor over to the northern end. The plant is nearly a mile long, so it was a several mile hike in a short time. Turns out everyone is interested in something different in this place, therefore it takes longer with other guys, which I really dont mind. I got through alone in one long surgical strike to get business done though.

It was peacful/creepy/scary/fun being alone in the beast. Creaky floors and echoes make it hard to be stealth in there.

Giant assembly lines.

The building was pretty frozen in the 12 degree F michigan winter. Its sort of like being on the moon or in zero atmosphere or something. Doesnt bother me at all. (Nordic blood.)

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