not all those who wander are lost

A place more trodden than Fisher Body #21, the mighty Packard Plant.

Fortunately, the property is well protected by around the clock guards…..hello ?

Hello ? ?

Ahwell, let’s take another walk through this virtual indoor explorer park of abandonment.

SNWEB ! ( Hey, new design, that looks pretty good..Cool HDR stuff as well)

Front office staircase

The ColdMan !

Remaining egg and dart ceiling details

Nuff of the office areas, let take a stroll through the factory areas.

Massive assembly line areas

Have a seat. relax awhile…

Discontinued bridge over the rail tracks – hey, anyone know if this building on the other side of the tracks is Albert Kahn’s famous Building #10 ? ? It has no corner stones like some of the other buildings.

Building #10 is the one of the first reinforced concrete structures in Western Civilization since the fall of Rome. Yeah, you’d think they’d put up a plaque or something…

[according to Ren Farley, the very first structure using the reinforced concrete design was the Palms Apartment Building at 1001 Jefferson.]

Its amazing that #10 was built in 1905, and by 1911 they were already on building #32 !

We’ll take a look at parts of the Packard on the other side of Grand Boulevard tomorrow.

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