not all those who wander are lost

Some miscreants thought it would be nice to decorate the Grand Boulevard overpass at Packard with the epitaph from the gates leading into Auschwitz, “Arbeit macht frei

Here is an AP photo of the original gates at Auschwitz. The phrase “Work sets you free” is of course ironic, as a huge number of inmates in the camps were worked to death.

Okay, now crazy stuff happens in Detroit all the time, but this one is off the charts and beyond offensive. The television news tried to contact the “owner”, but we know there really isn’t one. If not the county, the city of Detroit should have sent workers with a truck to take it down when it was first reported. This is a straight up hate crime, in my opinion. It has been up for a few days with nobody stepping up to get rid of this thing.

I went up with a hammer and tore the god damn thing down.

Hank Winchester from WDIV was there and covered it live for the 5 o’clock news broadcast.

There were remnants of beer cans and paint from the person(s) who installed this. It was up there pretty good, but not in any sort of public safety sense, it eventually would have rained down onto traffic below come the next wind storm.

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