not all those who wander are lost

Just bits and pieces from around the town today – starting with a band jamming on Woodward to folks waiting for a bus.

The corner of Woodward and I-75 that used to contain the Motown Center – Donovan/Sanders buildings is now being dug up so it can be leveled properly for development. Apparently the job they did for Superbowl was temporary.

Wait – whats that I see mixed in with the debris being dug from the two basement holes ?

Thats right folks, piles of Motown documents that were buried in the basements after the hasty demolition. So many that the rubble is just filled with paper. Even from a distance, the “MOTOWN” logos were clearly visible.

Look at the view now without Hotel Statler – just gaping.

Over in Brush Park we see new signs popping up taking credit for the redevelopment in this hood. Hmmm..

Brush Park Conservatory of Music and Fine Art ?

Check it out :

Someday – hopefully – it’ll wind up right here on Edmund Place.

Im wondering if they are actually going to rehab “Noface” ?

Another Kwamesign taking credit for BP rehab.

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