not all those who wander are lost

This is one of my favorite broken down old mansions in Brush Park, lovingly named “No Face”. (I give stupid names to many such amusing ruins…Much like Mrs. dFunks infamous naming of the Livingstone House when I showed her photos of it and she laughed and said, “Slumpty Dumpty”…Livingstone [now razed] is known by the name “Slumpy” to this day if you search on it.)

Why “No Face” ? Well, simply put – its missing its face. In the fall it grows a colorful beard of vines that change with the autumnal foliage.

This is just peeking in windows and doors, I obviously wouldn’t enter something that is essentially just a pile of lose bricks and boards.

M.C. Escher-eye view

So there he is – “No Face”.

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