not all those who wander are lost

The Eloise Cemetery in Westland, Wayne County.

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The cemetery is framed by pine trees. It is unmarked, has no signage – other than “no tresspassing”. Back in the late 90’s, a woman traveled from Europe to visit the grave of a loved one who died at Eloise. Much to her shock and Wayne Countys embarrassment, she found no cemetery, just this abandoned field with not so much as a sign to mark the 7,000 humans who were laid to their final rest here. Before 1998 Wayne County had no idea this was even a cemetery.

313 !

Michigan law states that the human beings buried here can never be moved or relocated without written permission from EVERY family who had them buried here. An impossiblity due to the anonymous manner which these discarded souls were put to rest.

On one grave, an overturned chunk of sod bears a root imprint of the numbers on the grave marker.

Over near the railroad tracks is a bridge from the old complex, dated 1927.

The Kay Beard building and the powerstation smokestack.

I suspect that these structures are not long for this world. The smokestack is rapidly degenerating and simply must be torn down. Wayne County already has “for sale” signage up on the property, so eventually the real estate values will overwhelm any historic importance of the remaining buildings.

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  • Love the Eloise shots. Just wanted to say that for the last serveral years there has been a movie in production that will hopefully see the light a day sometime.
    There are detial on

  • good work man.

    i love eloise…i drive past it on my way to work every day. needless to say i nearly shat myself back when i first saw the missing chunk of the smokestack…

    as always, more info to be had at

  • The first photo showing Kay Beard and the Powerstation smokestack is taken with a 90mm straight lens. The second image is taken with the Russian fisheye lens that is used in much of my photography. So – no its not leaning that much, and yes, BofD is correct, the tower is so damaged on one side that it is quite off center looking. The powerstation is fenced off now – I assume partly due to falling brick.

  • Jake, it appears this way because opposite this picture a HUGE chunk of the tower is missing.
    This occurred this winter due to lack of maintenance. The county simply doesn’t care.

  • Great shots as usual.
    Is it just the pic or my eyes, or is that smoke stack actually starting to lean?