not all those who wander are lost

4 Responses to Movin’ On Up

  • Detroit is making great strides, I just can’t figure out how that is the case when the rest of the state is dying.

  • Yeah, actually it was the director of the MonoRail episode that lived in Detroit and wanted to do stuff from things here, not Groening. That IS Detroit and that IS the PeopleMover. He also directed the “Mr. Plow” episode – he wanted to do one that was in winter but wasnt a christmas episode (something people from California apparently never think of)

    The theme from “Mr. Plow” is nipped from the Roto Router jingle. This is all from the DVD commentary.

  • yeah, i think that monorail episode may have been inspired by Detroit’s people mover…Matt Groenig did live in the Metro Detroit area for awhile…

    thats a pretty cool view; i didnt know you could get up front on those things. course, i wouldnt know–ive only ridden on it like twice in my life

  • Wow. That first shot is great. Very futuristic. When I was at River Walk on Saturday, all I could think of was that song from The Simpsons Monorail episode…”Monorail, there chance the track will bend… not at all my hindu friend!”