not all those who wander are lost

Hilarious modifications on a few of these gargoyles to allow for modern gutterpiping.

These were shot with a 80 – 200mm Nikon 1:2.8 D AF-S Silent Wave lens – and even with the magnification I had to zoom in using Photoshop on a few of the higher up ones on the tower.

5 Responses to More Goyles

  • The rust in the top 2 pics looks like blood. Creepy.

  • those gutter mods…sad & funny at the same time!

  • Andy – its a long story but it was an htaccess issue that for some reason I couldnt fix on my Mac. Switched to PC and was able to correct it.

    Cheers !

  • wow! great pics as always. i really like the one (10th from the top) that looks like a woman screaming with her hands on her face. excellent work!

  • Not sure what you did but your images are showing up in your rss feed again. Yay!