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Some snapshots of the common areas in the Masonic Temple – starting with the entry here in the Temple Avenue Main Lobby. Then we have the side entrance and mezzanine views, as well as, some ceiling details. reader Marty adds:

Arghhh, that’s it… friend and I are coming sat. morn. to check it out live..we both eat up old buildings. There will be a tour starting at 10 run by “John Snider” for anyone, masonry degree not needed. Park behind temple, 2nd. st. to alley, go in the back door. Cost is 0.0,’donations accepted’, no reservation needed.

So there you go ! 10 am on Saturday October 10th.
Here is contact info for John if anyone has questions:
or call 313 – 949-0757

Just a few short years ago we almost lost the Masonic Temple, so I do suggest people try to throw the $5 donation in the hat when they visit to help keep this amazing place alive.

(going to the shows at the theater helps too)

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