not all those who wander are lost

Over in Bush Park we’re seeing more development in the last few days – the three structures that sit next to Ransom Gillis are fitted with scaffolding.

This one has its roof ripped off, and cranes with workers are tending to its structural issues.

Meanwhile further up the street towards Woodward, this house is biting the dust.

The upper floor and roof have collapsed completely onto the ground on one side

It looks like its got a real bad headache..

Fancy french doors

Front door


This house just needs some paint and a few nails, it could be SAVED !

Heres the latest in the Kwame Bus Ad series. LMAO!

Looks like somebody peeled Kwames head off and the corresponding ad beneath resulted in a less than flattering composite.

Here is the infamous juxtaposition of Kwames fat happy family and the scorched Scovel shell that has sat undemolished for months.