not all those who wander are lost

We took a recent visit back to every ones favorite trashed out east side trailer park. Just an update on the deterioration.

Oh, and to count ghetto cats. No – not feral, not stray, not alley…. GHETTOCATS. At first glance we counted ten upon walking in. Like a flippin Hitchcock movie in there..In a word….CATS.

To start with we relaxed for awhile in the remains of the lighthouse.

When we trudged over into the trailer park we were greeted with the usual madness..Cats, crazy people doing suspicious things, stripped trailors, weird shit.

Pedro and I both shot this rancid stinking teddy bear thing face down in the snow, but only I was stupid enough to touch it. It turned out to be an ancient stuffed version of the dentist from that one animated christmas special with the “Land of Misfit Toys”. (“nobody wants to play with a Charlie-in-the-box” bemoans one forsaken toy) A place where all non-conformists were banished for eternity. The dentist was an elf who didnt want to work in Santas slave labor shop, so he hit the wild road. Sort of like that movie “Easyrider”.

Highlights of horrible cheese: “Heat Miser” song – “Silver and Gold” and the usual Rudolph the rednosebastard story. Where the reindeer is banished for being different, but welcomed back to the fold after it is discovered that the larger group can exploit Rudolphs deformity for their own gain. NIce.

Damn – seeing this empty 40 of Crazy Horse brought back these wicked flashbacks from college. Living la vida loca. heh.

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