not all those who wander are lost

God damn straight. You ride a bike these days you are taking your life in your hands at every turn. People are so used to playing “chicken” in their huge SUVs that they dont even know what the hell the laws are regarding bicycles or pedestrians. I am always suprised when I see people make a complete stop at a stop sign, instead they charge through it and many times never even slow down or look both ways. Hard to do that while you are talking on a cell phone. Even cops drive like shitheads – ESPECIALLY cops. God help them if one of em ever hits me on my bike. I know they are above the law, but I will still sue them for the rest of my natural life.

I headed out into the Grosse Pointes again on ol’ Champ. Too damn hot to work in my house, and our air conditioning unit blew during a power surge the other day. Great timing. I headed through the splendid Pointes toward Lake Saint Clair along Lake Shore Drive.

I always stop by the Grosse Pointe Hunt Club to look at the horses.

Heres a charming little house.

It kills me when folks with a giant estate have these horrid cement poured statues – goes to show that lots of money doesnt mean the person has “class” or culture or knowledge of the difference between art and kitsch. Many times excessive wealth makes this schism vividly clear.

The lakeshore wasnt as cool as I hoped, so I kept on riding, Besides, there are no public places along the lakeshore to stop – nothing but “no trespassing” signs and private beaches to keep out riff raff like myself.

First stop was a place in my AIA book I wanted to see up close – Grosse Pointe Academy. Formerly “Convent of the Sacred Heart”.

Going through some heavy construction currently. This was originally the first Catholic boarding school for girls. Tudor Revival style designed by Schinckel, Maginnis and Walsh in 1928. The property was an original French ribbon farm.

Heres an interesting residential structure – which I believe is an Albert Kahn design, exterior and interior.

Gotta love castle buildings – but if we had a house like this it would have to have two identical turrets, because Mrs dFUNK and I always fight over who would get the turret room…LOL

Headed back through the bleachwhite sterile downtown.

Picture postcard freakin perfect.

More of the GP frogs. I hate these theme statue things – cars, turtles, frogs – I dont care which ones, hey all suck. Some are cuter than others, but I am speaking of their suckiness on the conceptual level.

The cemetery is as good a place as any to wind up this part of the journey.