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“Labor’s Achievements Are America’s Strength”

Damn straight.

And conversely, if we squander Labor’s Achievement, we are giving up America’s Strength.

When people speak out against unions, and speak out against Labor – they also must stand accountable for all that they actually condemning.

Without the Labor Movement, we would not have a vast amount of things we now consider “freedoms”. . . .

Anybody who thinks for-profit education is a good idea and will result in a properly educated populace, think again. The for-profit medical insurance industry is the best example of what privatization can do to a civilization. When the motive for an organization is profit above all other motives, you can not expect individuals within that system to exercise sound moral and ethical decision making in their day to day work.

Unions ended child labor in the United States of America…… for the most part.

But America adores slave labor for some damned reason, and its business people have figured out how to outsource slavery to different regions for profit here in the States. ( When possible they import the slave labor. Politicians call that “illegal immigration”. )

Slave of the Slave.

It is said that no culture, no society, no nation, no country can ever rise above Third World status without first elevating the status of the woman. This is the simple sociological truth.

In the U.S.A., and here in Detroit and in Michigan, women did not wait to “elevated” by their male peers, they took their destiny into their own hands – in the form of dramatic and sometimes violent work actions against often inhuman working conditions.

In its simplest definition, the capitalist workplace is NOT a democracy. It is microimperialism. A little monarchy, if you prefer.

What brings democracy to the workplace is the union.

And only when the people are represented, are the peoples rights protected.

If you are anti-Labor, you best not be cashing those “socialist” checks.

Poor people have nothing else but each other. This is why all racism is BULLSHIT.

It is a class war. And they have kept us fighting each other for so long, that by the time we realized that we were even at war, we have all but lost.

There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.

-Billionaire Warren Buffett

Poverty is violence.

Debt is slavery.

Who the what now ?

Falls under “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as an inalienable right.

It is a human right.

But one thing – It is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE we need as a society.

Make it straight up HEALTH CARE.

In recent history, people have stopped saying the “guaranteed” part. To the point where most critics who are not involved with a pension program seem to think its a fringe benefit or something.

Well the pension program is sane, and sustainable.

Unlike the 401K scam, where you throw your paper into the Casino Capitalism market and gamble away your retirement. Actually hoping that you die before you run out of money. Think about it !

With a pension, if you live long, you draw long. You gain. If you live short, you draw short, and the fund gains. It all balances out, and everybody has exactly enough to live as long as they want to.

Well, we’ve seen what its like to live under a government that does away with Health and Safety Protection… Poison toys, poison petfood, poison baby bottles, contaminated peanutbutter, spinach, peppers – you name it.

We have lost a lot of this in the last few years. Paybacks are a bitch, and We the People are responsible for whatever we let our government do to other countries. I’m not going all crazy here, I am saying there is atonement to be made.

All these High Rights we speak of: Civil Rights, liberty, freedom – they all speak to one commonality.

Human Rights.

end rant.

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  • I felt bad after my earlier posting. I get fired up about these kinds of things. I don’t mean to disparage you or your city. I know that people from Detroit are proud, and I know you love your home. I love it too, because it’s a part of America. That’s why I have an interest in your site. I want to see Detroit – and America – prosper.

    I just have a profound belief that despite the imperfections, we have come to be the most prosperous nation on earth precisely because people are allowed to try things and succeed. And, sometimes fail. If the government takes care of everything for you, where’s the incentive to succeed? We NEED people to succeed, because despite all the class warfare brewing in this country, it is a FACT that the wealthy contribute a lot more revenue to the U.S. Treasury than people like you or me. And that’s true for successful businesses, too. There’s no question that there are those who fall through the cracks that deserve a leg up, but a system like those in Europe is unsustainable in the long term in America.

    As for the school systems in Texas, a lot of them are excellent. The ones that are hurting are the big cities, where families are broken, and the kids are out of control. And the teacher’s unions have stifled innovation and discipline. Liberals run those cities. In the suburbs it’s not the money that makes the schools good, it’s the parents. No amount of money is going to give a kid a good education. Not ever. It starts at the home, and that is where we are failing as a nation. The family unit is the core of a civil society, and our core is rotting.

    I apologize if my rant was a bit blunt and thoughtless. I am constantly striving to persuade people to see things my way, but I want to do that with civility and without rancor. Please keep up the good work you are doing. I wish you – and Detroit – all the best.

  • KPR: agreed ! I do not call myself a “democrat” or “republican” – I prefer “American Citizen”.

    Neither of those organizations work in the best interest of our country. They both work solely to protect transnational corporate interests.

    Alexander – Thanks for reading the site. Ive been to your country, and there I saw the most charming cities I have ever been to in my life. I especially enjoyed Utrecht and of course Amsterdam. The people were just wonderful – friendly, interesting and accommodating. Amazingly clean place.

    And of course, I spent waaaay to much time at the Bulldog Cafe – hahahaha !

    I tried to transfer to go to graduate school and maybe even live there, but fate had something different in mind for me.

    I will read that article.

  • As a Dutchman, I’ve read your post with interest. Some of our problems are similar, for many we have a more thorough system of providing for public services. Like free public schools, health care etc.

    I found this to be an interesting article to read:

    Thanks and keep up your good work, d. You’re inspiring people!

  • I am not a democrat, either. In fact, were people to finally wake up they would realize BOTH parties have hand-in-hand sold the American middle class down the river and what’s left of it is soon to be tumbling over the waterfall into oblivion.

  • Jeff –

    When you say this:

    “this philosophy that everyone should be taken care of, and no one is allowed to fail, just doesn’t mesh with the hard realities of life.”

    you are referring to bailed out bankers, dead beat transnational corporate tax dodgers and Wall Street weasels, right ?

    I understand where you are coming from, but nobody on earth is going to tell me after the greatest transfer of wealth in human history that the “poor people” are the ones who robbed us.

    Who pays for public school ?

    The public.

    They are part of the Public Commons. If you dont believe in Public Commons, make sure to stay off the socialist roads, do not use the socialist police department in your city, do not use the public fire department, do not drink the city water.

    I do not agree “big labor” killed Detroit. I do think they played a serious part though. The automotive corporations strangled out any economic diversification in this region, and we have imploded as a result.

    I have family in Dallas and Houston, and believe me, parts of Tejas are already looking like Detroit. I think we even had the former Dallas school superintendent up here for awhile helping to further ruin the Detroit Public Schools. Your school systems are an embarrassment.

    But it really isnt fair comparing cities in different counties, eh ?


    and no, I am not a democrat.

  • That all sounds good, but…

    What exactly is “job security” anyway? Is that where the rest of us make sure you have a job, no matter what condition your company or business might be in? Should telephone operators from the ’60’s still have jobs? What about blacksmiths?

    How about “free” public education? Who pays for that?

    Hey, nobody wants workers’ rights to be trampled, OK? But this philosophy that everyone should be taken care of, and no one is allowed to fail, just doesn’t mesh with the hard realities of life.

    Look around you, dude. Just look at that city. Then come down to Texas and take a look around here. The entrepreneurial spirit of America is alive and well, here. When we all start thinking like you – with that hatred and shame for what actually makes America great that’s so common now – then Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin will all look a lot like Detroit, too. Big labor is what killed that town, man. Come on….

    Still love this site, though. It’s a case study in what happens when you let leftist and statist run things. I share it with all my right-wing nut job/capitalist/greedy friends.

  • You left out bankruptcy.

  • BRAVO!

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