not all those who wander are lost

This fire spread from an abandoned garage to a not so abandoned apartment building. The side of the apartment basically melted from the intense heat.

The house that was on the lot with the torched garage structure has been arsoned already – dude just came back to finish the rest.

This was all that was left after the blaze, some posts and some smoldering crapola. The Firefighter we spoke with was the first responder, and he said the shit was so hot it hit him in the face when he first got out of his truck.

I feel really bad whenever I see these badass dudes risking life and limb to extinguish arsoned garbage. But then it can always spread like this one did.

And now the best part – who doesnt love fire trucks !

I dont know what brand this is, but it looks like one hell of a sound system……

Engine 37 from the Mighty Junkyard Dogs – first responder unit at this fire. They had to completely block Livernois to access a live fire hydrant. What a job.

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