not all those who wander are lost

Joy Middle School on the east side. Closed – and yes, same old story. Every computer, desk and book was left to rot. But that was a long time ago. What does it look like now ? Did they recover what was left of the books and supplies ?

Guard log book

“Count day today an important day”

Count day is when they count the kids who show up that particular school day, and then that’s what the government bases its per pupil payout on. Yes – its that ridiculous. If a child is absent that one day, then the school system loses thousands of dollars.

Female anatomy lessons courtesy of always.

Now, this place has been closed for a long time. Its actually in some sort of stage of demolition.

It has been featured in the Free Press, and its been on local news.

And again, the school books and supplies are STILL THERE.

Ready for another puke fest ? Grab your airsick bags and lets go – Welcome to the Detroit Public Schools Mind Cemetery “.

Have you had enough yet ? Well here’s more…

Just madness.

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