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Photos of the famous “Ransom Gillis” house in Brush Park, a house that captivates many people who have seen it. These photos are going back to 2004, before and during efforts to clean it out, and to add a new roof structure in order to “mothball” the structure.

In the basement the heating system was still there – or remnants of it anyway.

Going inside this particular house was both an act of pure love for this structure, as well as utter stupidity. Multi level collapses from top to basement through most of the front of the house, which was the original section.

This is looking up through the roof from the basement, and the fireplace is located on the front/left side of the building – one of two chimneys (west side) although this particular one had already been truncated on the exterior.

And just to the left of that fireplace – that boarded window goes into the exterior turret which gives RG its distinctive look.

Here is what most of the views looked like inside looking up – shot through with sunlight.

The bathrooms looked to be stacked on top of one another on the 1st and 2nd floors in the center of the front, on the west side.

Check out for a look at the only in depth book ever written about this house, and the various families that lived here.

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