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This is the “Ice House” project on McClellan Street, a very poorly kept secret location.

Here is the website of the artists involved:

Apparently the idea was to cover the entire structure in ice, to conceptually highlight the housing issues of Detroit. Well, aside from the concept, let’s talk a little about execution. It seems they never figured out how to encapsulate the structure fully. In the end they used the fire hydrants to spray it with water.

Next time guys, rent yourself a demolition mister. Much less water with much better results.

These are from the Lafayette demolition, notice how the misted ice highlights details and coats everything. This would have been more effective and less wasteful of water pressure.

Here is where I stopped thinking any of this was cute, they left the structure open. People were going in and out the back door here. Liabilities ? Biohazard anyone ? Here is a hint about going into a structure like this: you can not smell it in the cold air of winter – but the stink will stick on your shoes forever after you leave.

Multi dwelling humans nest, complete with bodily fluid stains.

Indoor plumbing, via re-purposed coffee pot.


Basically my impression of this installation is that the ghetto really isn’t a toy, so you probably shouldn’t play with it.

Reaction was full spectrum from observers: older black people stopped and asked out their car windows why everybody was so interested in a water main break. (lol)

Older white people clicked pictures and proclaimed things like “yes, it does highlight the condition of Detroit, I just wish it was in a better neighborhood” (you have to whisper the word “neighborhood”….).

A car of young black teens stopped and asked me “why did you do that?”. I laughed and said “I didnt do it”. Before I could explain what was happening, all 6 teens in the car became transfixed with their individual cell phone conversations, and then drove away. ahahaha !

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