not all those who wander are lost

Highland Towers after last nights fire. Highland Park, Michigan, Woodward Avenue. This was one of the gorgeous Highland Park apartment buildings that have been detailed on this site in the last couple months.

Smoke from hot spots still pouring through the neighboring hood.

8 Responses to Highland Towers Aftermath

  • Such a shame, it definitely was one of Detroit’s apartment gems !

  • Sean (bofd) and I walked right through that about a week ago. We were up on the catwalk, and we just walked right past the people working. They had no clue what to make of us and just stared. We walked by and waved. At that point, they had cleaned out the one habitat area by the office thing there, and were doing cement forms.

    trap door up to boardwalk at belle isle zoo

  • They have built a massive set in the back of the belle isle zoo, near the large covered awnings. Even put a sign between the two, a guard posted at the gate, ect.. Worth sneeking into.

  • This was in Highland Park, not Detroit.

  • Why is there a disproportional amount of fires in residential buildings in the City of Detroit? You never see these types of fires in Southfield or places with older buildings such as Royal Oak or Mount Clemens? Is there a culture of stupidity inside the city?

  • There ya go….that is more accurate, sadly.

  • That welcome banner makes you want to move your family to Highland Park, wonderful place to raise a family.

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