not all those who wander are lost

A couple fairly intense HDR sunset shots over the Belle Isle bridge from last night.

3 Responses to HDR Sunsets

  • AIW – anytime you are ready, Im working on my house everyday this summer -so my schedule is very flexible.

    JonB – yeah, an HDR is an average of 7 or more photos taken in sequence. The clouds are stobed because they move a little bewteen shots.

  • so, are the clouds that are closer to the camera slightly blurry because you have to take several successive shots? i still don’t quite understand the sequence of operations for HDR.
    FANTASTIC pics, though. everything you’ve done so far with HDR has been breathtaking.

  • Funkster, you rock. I tried messing with HDR and I was fairly unsuccssful.

    We’ll have to go shooting again one day and you can give me the .50 cent lesson. :)