not all those who wander are lost

We passed by this hub cap place and had to stop….

We were calmly greeted by the two guard dogs, one a pit and one a rot. Both happily wagged their tails and looked like they wanted to be pet. We didnt test their friendliness.

The door says “OUTER LIMITS BAR

All your best finerys

More variety stores


Back on the main drag, we have a poster for the new Power Rangers !

Some nice lids at Harry the Hatter. I hope Harry is not a Mad Hatter…heh.

“Too much, Magic Bus……”

The “Oh!” Oxygen network bus.

The Eminem rolling advertisement van.

Hot chick in her beekeeper suit. Islamic fashion here is certainly not as strict as it is in some places though. I have to say many of the outfits are quite attractive.

Along the way, I discovered an orphaned Ty McDonalds french fry bear – he was filthy but we hung with the bear anyway.

4 Responses to Hamtramck Visions

  • Re: The Guy @ the Hubcap place….

    I wonder if he would sell me that ol’ Cadillac?
    Post-thought: I wonder if I could make it across the border without it falling apart???
    Post-Post-Post Thought: Are the hubcabs a separate purchase?

  • I live part of the time in the green house across the street from the crazy hubcap place. The guy who owns that place, while strange, is quite friendly. He looks like Santa Clause.

  • The first time we visited Hamtramck, I saw an older woman in a saree mowing her lawn. I think that was the moment I decided that this was the place for me.

    thanks for reinstating my veiwing privileges!

  • HAHAHAHA… Power Rangers, more like Power Pimp Rangers. Thanks for that site to the Canadian urban site. I still like this site better. Nicer layout, and your photos are a lot nicer. Keep up the good work.