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Robert and Jennie Brown Queen Anne style funeral home, completed in 1891. Harry Houdini lay in state in this funeral home before being transported for burial. He died in Detroit on Halloween, 1926.

Hamilton Funeral Home Art Deco funerary chapel, c. 1930. Henry and Edsel Ford had services in this funeral chapel, along with countless other local politicians.

Let’s take a look in the chapel first. Pay no mind to the door off the hinge there, just unfinished scrapper work – you will be able to buy the doors on eBay in a few months, I am sure.

Everything from famous funerals going back to the 1930’s, to famous rock bands playing here from the 60’s through the 1980’s. (Iggy and the Stooges, MC5, Alice Cooper etc)

Leslie organ speaker cabinet.

What would a funeral home be without some spare organs laying about ?

One of my favorite parts of the building, the mural above the chapel door.

Back out to the lobby – still wonderful in spite of being scrapped really hard – the missing handrail on the stairs, and the vestibule entryway are now long gone.

A skeletal remnant of the vestibule foyer shows a genuine piece of U.S.A. Carnegie steel.

This is walking into the Brown Queen Anne house section.

Storm cellar doors.

Doors from the loading area to the chapel.

Prognosis for this wonderful piece of historical architecture ? Very grim. It is being eaten alive by a scrapper, inside out.

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