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The word “Gargoyle” shares a root with the word “Gargle”; they come from “gargouille,” an old French word for “Throat.” A true gargoyle is a waterspout. An unusual carved creature that does not serve that purpose is properly called a “Grotesque.”


Heres a handful of gargoyles and grotesques from a mausoleum/crypt.

This monk is pretty cool

This little monster is even MORE badass !

These guys look quite a bit like the ones on St Anne.

Nailhed Raven and I both have a fascination with these little critters, and after he pointed out a few hidden ones I had missed in the past Ive become much more observant in spotting these devils.

3 Responses to Grotesques

  • Trinity Episcopal, I’ll have some of those up tomorrow !

  • dFUNK–yeah ive been seeing more and more myself, in fact ive given up trying to keep track of all of them!

    melissa–“that church on the corner of Martin Luther King and Trumbull” is Trinity Episcopal, and yeah, it kicks ass!

  • Are those ones on the mausoleum from woodmere? There are at least 20 on that church on the corner of Martin Luther King and Trumbull.