not all those who wander are lost

More storefront areas from Gratiot Avenue.

For people outside this region, “Gratiot” is obviously of French origin – but is pronounced in this area as “GRAH-shit”, with a ‘short’ a sound.

Not sure how it is supposed to be pronounced in its original context.

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  • I am currently trying to find pictures of the houses along James Court off of Gratiot- that I know, it is a row of houses along a section of pedestrian street. My grandmother grew up in one of the houses on the court. She says that there was a movie theatre right near her back yard. I have not been able to find good pictures of the area and have not been able to get to the area to take any myself. Have you been to that section of Gratiot? If so, do you happen to have any photographs of it?

    Thank you.

  • It SHOULD be pronounced GRAH-SHEE-O. The T is silent but we all know that French pronunciation is not a Michigander’s strong suit :)

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