not all those who wander are lost

Somebody did one heck of a slop job on this place ! Now, I do not normally condone such aggressive graffiti, especially on historical buildings, but the guy in the art deco building is kind of a pain in the ass – so I gotta laugh at this one. Ha !

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  • but of course ! why do you think i went there ?

  • Yeah, but its just one guy and his dog in the building. Calls himself “Hollywood”.

  • I just did some poking around, and it would appear that the Trans Love Tribe has further transmogrified into this entity.

  • duude. the noble herb rules.

  • “compassion club” = weed.

  • So, what are the club activities?

  • I was not permitted to bring a camera inside due to their club activities. The extended facade actually goes about 10 feet in from the front, you can see the different brick patterns inside.

  • The art deco features in this facade are interesting indeed. Funny remark about “lack of focus” LOL! Any chance for some interior shots? Oh, how ironic with what looks like a security camera just above the scene of the crime…

  • Old Skool – exactly correct. I believe the original owner was an engineer/electrician or something like that, and at one point they lopped off the face, and added the Deco facade. That company was called Koenig. Theres still a sign on the other side – heres the Google image:

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  • Is the facade an art deco facelift of an older building? The 3/4 shot looks like an older building in behind the facade.

  • Yep – that name is certainly associated with John and Leni Sinclair, but I never once saw them around – so I dont know if there is an actual relationship.

  • “Trans Love Energies” as in John Sinclair?

  • Yeah, its not exactly a business, and they did try to have a cannabis club there – however for some reason the guy seems to lack focus. The decorations, no idea. Very cool art deco relief triptych above the entryway tho.

  • Forgive my apparent ignorance…not sure the nature of that business. What looks like a cannabis leaf seems suspicious though. What a creepy looking establishment. WTF with the mask(s)?!?

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