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This post is for Steve if hes out there this morning….

This is the stage of legend and local mythology – bands like the mighty MC5, The Stooges, The Frost, Bob Seger and the Herd, Alice Cooper, Jeff Beck, The Pink Floyd, The Who, The Cream – they all played right here on this tiny stage.

Charles Agree architect, 1928. The former Grande Ballroom – this dance hall once proudly touted the largest floating hardwood dancefloor in the midwest. Now its fate is unknown – a local church company recently purchased the land, but due to its neglected condition restoration is almost unimaginable.

An historic shot showing the street level shops

This is the gooey remains of the first floor which used to be a street level collection of shops.

The famous plaster ceiling rosette

One of the few remaining gryphons not stolen by architectural miners.

For more info about the Grandes history, check out the official website

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