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The Grand Army of the Republic hall.

Richardsonian Romanesque
(i.e. castle building – heh..)

Closed in 1980

1942 Grand River Avenue

Designed by Julius Hess, completed in 1900 just after his death.
Completed by Richard Raseman.

The largest G.A.R. hall in Michigan in its day – an old style Veterans hall for yearly reunions and events sponsored by American Civil War Union Army vets.

The GAR sits on a very restrictive triangular lot, which gives the floor plan design its distinct wedge shape. This room is at ground level.

One of the arched shape doorways from inside.

Further upstairs on a higher level floor we see the point of the wedge in a front room.

The GAR was primarily meeting spaces, with light commercial stores at ground level.

Towards the top floor we see the results of water damage to the interior plaster work.

The balcony of the main meeting room

The main stage. Hard to believe all those vets stood right here back in the day – guys who saw more than any of us could imagine in their war.

Back down stairs we see the interior of the front doors.

The interior door at the peak of the wedge shape.

Something I heard about but had to search a bit for – the GAR/Flag symbol in tile work on the floor.

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