not all those who wander are lost

GM Tech Center employee Car Show – if you dont like cars, you better look away for a few days ! This is part one of four. ( and believe me when I say that I only shot a small sample of the beautiful vehicles that were displayed)

“Sluggo” !

5 Responses to GM Tech Center Show

  • That building would fit in right next to Cass Tech.

    Maybe Cass Park can host a car show once the area becomes the center for alternative energy development….. just a thought

  • was driving past on our way from the cop shop and saw one of the GM employees had a HOT (Mercury) Marauder in the show. it was definitely a showstopper.

  • whoa–i didnt know the Tech Center had their own show! i had recently heard of the Chrysler one at Auburn Hills but i guess this is what i get for not living on the eastside.

    oh, and btw…i LOVE cars :)

    i used to have a beautiful 1971 Chevy Caprice coupe with a 400 small block. i miss those days…

  • I used to work this show, handing out not quite cold drinks, and not quite hot dogs. The cars are amazing.

  • Mmmmm… 100M. I love Austin Healeys. I wonder who’s that is. I know most of the club members.