not all those who wander are lost

“Looking through the bent back tulips
To see how the other half lives
Looking through a Glass Onion”

-john lennon, “Glass Onion”

“Laying low
Seeking out the poorer quarters
Where the ragged people go
Looking for the places
Only they would know..”

-paul simon, “The Boxer”

Grosse Pointe

Detroit, just a few blocks down.

This is where my mother and uncle went to high school. Looks like a freakin palace to me.

Welcome to Grosse Pointe (no loitering)

Welcome to the “Renaissance City”.

This is what is left of the street where my grandparents lived when my father and uncles were born. Ghetto prairie and housing projects now.

My grandparents children grew up in the fallout area of several huge factorys including the Continental plant just across Jefferson. My uncle had an unexplained and severe case of pneumonia at the age of 2.

The stuffed animal ghetto memorial, always a sign of somebodys violent and untimely death.

Grosse Pointe


Grosse Pointe


This is the sickening lillywhite image that the city of Grosse Pointe would like to portray.

Needless to say it is a stark contrast from what lies just blocks away in neighboring Detroit. This specific region is the absolute most segregated area in all of North America. Driving from Detroit into Grosse Pointe always reminds me of the scene in Wizard of Oz where Dorothy opens the door of the farmhouse and the film turns to Technicolor.

Dont get me wrong, I really dont have anything against the Grosse Pointers. I find them all quite interesting and I enjoy looking at them.

10 Responses to Glass Onion

  • Oh Man!!! even better. I went to Defer, got to Pierce…and I knew I was screwed.. I lived on Lakepointe two blocks from alter. I have since hitchhiked all over the country. As a kid I’d ride my bike down to hart plaza and the likes. I gotta to say after traveling around Michigan is still one of the coolest fucking states by far.

  • behindblueyes – I know, Ive seen that Kwame/Scovel shot a few times too. I may go recreate it for myself cause its funny as hell, but its certainly been done by others.

  • nailhead wrote – “…not too far from the “Kwame is great” billboard that stands DIRECTLY next to the gigantic charred ruins of Scovel Memorial. would make an awesome dfunk style pic.”

    Actually…if you look at…I just recently saw the picture of the Kwame billboard next to the Scovel Memorial…check it out, pretty interesting and funny stuff!

  • I was raised in Detroit, moved to suburbs to marry and raise children. Moved back to the city for 12 years and was the victim of 2 serious assaults, one with a knife, one with a gun.

    Moved back to Grosse Pointe — too old to fight young men who are armed. But I love Detroit and still attend many functions there, especially the cultural arts. May Detroit rebound the way other cities have.

  • Whoa…No wonder the cops practically forbid Detroiters from entering “The pointe”. Wealth and poverty so close together is a tinderbox indeed. I can think of a few spots around my town that resemble this dychotomy. All these suburbs exist for is to incorporate privilege and exclude undesirable elements. Think how different urban and suburban life would be if all were governed by one mayor and one council (an impossible dream). Can you imagine the howls of protest if Kwame were mayor of Grosse Pointe or any other suburb and Detroit? Incidentally, they can sleep at night because modern life opens up a degree of anonymity and impersonality. As long as the suburbs can maintain the iron fist of public safety, their residents sleep just fine.

  • I’m a westsider, grew up on the western border of Detroit and never ventured into the Pointes as a young’un. A few years ago, I was visiting a young woman I befriended. Her directions were simple: Go up Jefferson. When you get into G.P. turn …

    How will I know I’m in G.P.?

    Oh, you’ll know when you are in G.P.

    I’ll be dammned. Truer words were never spoken.

  • Never underestimate the power of denial and rationalization.

    By the way, Grosse Pointe must be packed with MILFs if that illustration is any indication.

  • Tell you the truth, growing up In grosse pointe was an excellent experience. Sure you get the falsehood of everything being given to you but on the same token you dont have students flunking and dropping out of school because their “friends” are doing it. Low teenage pregnancy, good education, and some of the best times of your life can be had in that small border. Plus you also have to understand that while most of the Grosse Pointe region is upper middle class, lots of the grosse pointe folks are real down to earth folks that just put a little extra step early on in life and have something to show for it. An example being a family friend who is now the president and CEO of the detroit news, that started at the complete bottom of the totem pole delivering newspapers on his bike in his small southern rural town.

    godspeed my children

  • Naw, and I dont have anything against rich folk – in fact in a ‘former life’ I was married into a fantasticly wealthy family and I lived the life to its fullest extent. Smoke em if ya got em.

    I think I am just pointing out (pardon the pun) the dichotomous nature of this region and all its people. And I personally am no more welcomed by the Detroiters than I am by the Pointers.

    But shit, some of my best friends are Grosse Pointers…heh. (and Detroiters)

    I am just the wayfaring stranger, an outsider passing through who shows all he sees.

  • What do you expect the Groos pointers to do? Give everything they have to detroit so they can piss all over it and squander it? All of Detroit is the most segregated city in the whole country. Not just the Groos point border. My dad recently took me down the street where he grew up. Told me that he thought Detroit was the greatest place ever to grow up (he is 74). His street was like you describe above, only no prarie – just burnt out and falling down former homes. Even the street where he and my mom first lived when they got married was a total wreck. The thing that really saddens me is that it seems to be getting worse. Thank you Kwame for putting Detroit on the top of the heap, only its the Garbage heap!
    Keep up the great and fantastic work dFunk.