not all those who wander are lost

No, this isnt post Katrina New Orleans… And no, there is no water nearby this place either.

Just lots of “land boats” as I call them.

This house sits in one of the hundreds of ghost town areas in Detroit. Places where streets are abandoned, or just blocked off – places where few houses remain and wildlife and anarchy have over run the area.

CLICK HERE to see the area satellite photo from 2002 – it doesnt look much better back then.

These blown out houses are some of the most dangerous things in the City, many have the natural gas utility still left on. I can not tell you how many I have seen that are just left gushing gas into the open air. Whole blocks of them.

This former residence sits in a wide open ghetto prairie, with almost no viable structures anywhere in sight.

I disturbed a large ghetto pheasant tromping through the prairie grass.

Somebody “torched” a car here: i.e. burning it probably for insurance fraud.

Heres a Google Maps satellite image of this hood:

View Larger Map

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