not all those who wander are lost

The Ghetto Prairie was suffering some exhausting drought for a few weeks..made everything windblown with ghetto dust. GhettoDustbowl.

I am going to be cautious, but I think spring is finally here. Its been snowing, sleeting, hailing, frosting….. Just shitola.

Service Envelope Mfg Co Inc

Look at THIS badass ! These guys were scaling the Whitney (restaurant, former David Whitney residence) roof like monkeys.

Pretty cool website plastered on something.

Some dude……plastered on something.

Detroit Police stables. Very cool old building that needs some love. The Detroit Police really get the shaft when it comes to money going around..The facilities those people have to deal with are just unreal. Very cool old structures much deserving of renovation and preservation too.

Tangent Gallery on 715 E. Milwaukee Street near Hastings Street about a block south of Grand Boulevard in New Center.

Also the local of the historic Hastings Street Ballroom. Now a converted theater space.

Ahhhhhhh…Just fill your lungs with the fresh spring air !!

Mmmmmmmmm………SYSCO CORP.

Maker of the worlds leading sugarwater

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