not all those who wander are lost

A beautiful sunset in a godforsaken place. Hanging out in the Incinerator Hood – just a grim area. When suddenly my car is charged by a small pack of Ghetto Dogs. The Alpha ran straight at the car dead center and I couldnt avoid him at all – he swerved at the last second. (of course I crept by them as to not hit any of them) The others flanked me and did a volley of barks at the car as they passed.

Ive had Getto Dogs actually chase my car and try to remove the rear quarter panel as I drove through. (Newport Street).

The Incinerator Hood is amongst Detroit’s most devastated areas. Rivaled only by parts of Highland Park, most buildings are burned or leveled. This entire neighborhood is being subjected to “demolition by neglect” and rampant arson. One arson recently cost the life of a DFD firefighter. This neighborhood is / was the old Poletown East area, which includes the ruined St. Stanislaus District.

While attention, investments, development and focus is centered on the Downtown Business District, the dozens of Detroit neighborhoods are suffering an infrastructural apocalypse.

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