not all those who wander are lost

The Mighty Book Cadillac Hotel, awaiting its fate. This thing is abated and mothballed, all thats left is for whomever the new Mayor of Detroit is going to be to knock ‘er down.

I wonder if opportunistic Washington DC seeker Michigan Governor Jenny-on-the-block Granholm will attend the wrecking ball ceremony for Book Cadillac….Just the way she attended the ceremony that promised to refurbish the massive old hotel.

Statler Hotel in her death shroud, slowly being devoured from inside by demo crews.

All eyes are on the People Mover track when Stat comes tumbling down. The City has knocked the tracks out before while taking down its hulking abandoned skyscrapers.

Hey – its the Rubber Company ! Gotta know where to get good rubber..

Bizzarro World Cafe….sit right down and have a snack – bitch.

Inst this like a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car ? Except that its pink and that its in the ghettos of Detroit and not England ?

Mrs dFunk totalled her car, so Ive been haunting all the best junkyards in the city looking for fresh body pieces – like some undead goul. Well, I guess the “undead goul” part is nothing new.

Bartholomeu J. Simpson as ghetto Sisyphus.

Look at the size of this old billboard. B’Jeeezuz that is huge.

What, is the thing thermonuclear or something ?

The Detroit Boyz giving some unwitting passer by some Easter morning love. See, its not that the streets in Detroit are confusing or poorly marked or so under construction that nobody in their right mind could navigate properly……

well – wait – thats exactly what it is.

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