not all those who wander are lost

Gotta love the corner store design..

Ghetto sandwich and a beer – mmmmmmm…Ghetto flavored!

This little convenience store on Van Dyke bites the dust.

The Coachmans Record shop – I wonder if this had anything to do with the old Coachman radio show on WDET back in the day ?

[ Steve adds:Um, that would be the “Famous Coachman” please.]

[ Angela adds: Yep, Coachman’s Records was owned by the same Coachman who had the radio show on WDET. :-) ]

Target Welding

This is just a cool graphic – this company is still rockin it on the dirty East Side.

Cant make out this old sign.

TAX TIME FOLKS ! Just bring your paperwork to XAT and theyll hook you up. Hahaha !

“Church of God” – not to be shitty, but arent they all ? I guess its easy to run out of good names for churches.

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