now with even more funk !

Some ghetto guard dogs watching over an abandoned factory building

Look at these two old timers. They seemed more concerned about being disturbed than protecting turf…

Ahhhhh, the first signs of spring, when the ghetto dogs start popping up.

3 Responses to ghetto canis

  • I saw an absolutely gorgeous white ghetto dog that looked more like a wolf hybrid near Charlevoix and St. Jean last week. I just had to pull over and watch him. Wish I’d had my camera on me at the time. :(

  • Good ‘ol ghettodogs.

    Ran into some in Mexicantown behind the trainstation on parade day last week.

    We were traveling opposite routes and they acted as if we didnt exist and went on.

    Love or hate it, ghettodogs are another Detroit tradition!

  • That first pic looks like a bear.