not all those who wander are lost

Wow – the ghetto Funk-o-Meter is dangerously low !

Ghettodog looking for her babies daddy.

One of the Mad Clerics rancid teddybear grave/memorial things. They pop up all over the city where ever folks have recently departed.

You lookin at me ?

This is aaaaaa……..well I think this painting has to speak for itself.

Again, for the umpteenth time…EEEEW

Heyo – the BOWL sign got installed before I could jack it for my driveway light. Make sure to stop by on league night to watch the team “Gods Balls” bowl a few games. (I couldnt have made up that name…)

FACT: more bowling alleys on the east side of the Detroit area than anywhere else on earth. What does this tell one about the east side ?

Fred Flintstone-atcha !

Heres a fab Park Shelton detail.

Brush Park rowhouse apartments on John R.

No viagra needed for this writer…

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