not all those who wander are lost

From Melbourne to Detroit. A bit of a cultural exchange this weekend, when Australian dETROITfUNK reader Andy decided to come visit the U.S.A. After reading about our City, he included a stop in Detroit to see it all first hand. Well, if a guy is going to come all the way around the world to visit, the least I could do is give him a tour – right ? Andy had already been from California to Washington D.C. checking out many of our great cities.

[hey jon bohy, heres the HDR that I shot when we were upstairs]

We met up with Jon Bohy, another long time dETROITfUNK reader that I had not met in person yet. Jon Bohy had hooked up with a cat from San Antonio who was here showing a film he made in Iraq. So the four of us headed over to what is perhaps Detroits most amazing landmark/ruin, Michigan Central Station. When we got to MCS there was a large group of kids exiting the building. We all slipped inside, where we met yet another group – from another local Urban Exploration crew Forgotten Michigan. Always good to meet folks from FM !

We went upstairs a few floors and met another guy from Oklahoma. Busy day inside the Station !

After MCS we parted with Jon Bohy and Forgotten Michigan and drove all over downtown, midtown, Belle Isle, Cass Corridor, Center for Creative Studies and last but not least after we lost sunlight, the amazing Fisher Building in New Center. We had some sub sandwhiches there and chatted about many things. I was amzaed at how much Andy was aware of our internal politics and culture – when in fact I admittedly couldnt name his Prime Minister to save my life. Sucks to be an Ugly American sometimes, but its a real good wake up call for all of us to get our heads out of our own asses and take a look around the rest of the world to see whats going on.

So Andy, where ever you are out there, travel safe brother. Thanks for taking time and energy to visit our City. Everyone else out there in Detroit, tell people about all the good stuff and amazing history that we have here, and if you get a chance invite somebody to come take a tour. I dare say it was more rewarding for me than it was for Andy !

Say good things about Detroit.

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