not all those who wander are lost

This morning we wake to Highland Park in flames. Several fires broke out simultaneously in two nearby locations around 5:30 a.m. Highland Park has almost no fire department due to financial collapse and receivership. The police were gone long ago – now the city is patrolled by the Wayne County Sheriff.

One set of fires broke out near McNichols

The other set of fires is in a factory building on Hamilton near Oakman north of the Davidson.

First responders were two very antique looking Highland Park trucks. Detroit showed up but it took awhile for the chain of command to engage them. (Other surrounding cities must also respond so Detroit is not always hit with the bill.) By the time help arrived, a whole block of houses one by one was engulfed. Nearby parked cars and trucks also burst into flames from the heat. One report says a Highland Park firetruck even caught fire.

Lets hope everyone makes it home from this run okay.