not all those who wander are lost

Freaked out faces..If you are local you have to guess where these guys are from.

3 Responses to FreakFace

  • b.Detroit, 1924. The City of Champions during the 30s
    when Tigers, Lions, Redwings, Joe Louis, and Gar Wood were all on top. The city died when Unionism
    went over the top with demands not economically
    justified and chased factories out of the city.

  • Nope – not OldMain, St. Annes Church in SW.

    Detroit is such a heartbreak, but its only sad because of so much greatness that is overlooked due to overwhelming chaos. The current generation is trying to fix 4 generations worth of damage.

    Only time will tell.

  • Are these found on Old Main – Wayne State University?

    What once was a gorgeous city has become a lifeless burned out hulk.
    So sad to see from across the river
    A Canadian who spent many a happy hour in the former great city of Detroit.