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Anybody ever hear of Fordson Island ?

I found it on a satellite image of the Rouge River near the Ford Rouge Plant. This is right across from Woodmere Cemetery, and just upriver from the infamous Fort Street Rouge River Bridge.

Fort Street Rouge River Bridge

Designated an Historical Site in 1992, this is the inscription on the marker:

On March 7, 1932, in the midst of the Depression, unemployed autoworkers, their families and union organizers braved bitter cold temperatures and gathered at this bridge, intent on marching to the Ford Rouge Plant and presenting a list of demands to Henry Ford. Some three thousand “hunger marchers” paraded down Miller Road. At the city limit Dearborn police blocked their path and hurled tear gas; The marchers responded with rocks and frozen mud. Near Gate No. 3 the demonstrators were bombarded by water from firehoses and a barrage of bullets. In the end, five marchers were killed, nineteen wounded by gunfire and numerous others by stones, bricks and clubs. Newspapers alleged the marchers were communists, but they were in fact people of all political, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Here are where the tugs listed on the satellite photo above are docked.

On the left is the SHANNON, and on the right is the CAROLYN HOEY – in front out of frame is the PATRICIA HOEY from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Fordson Island is just out of frame to the left.

There used to be houses on the island but they wiped those off many years back. The other houses lining the canal are interesting, to say the least.

The massive Rouge complex is just up the river from here.

Photos just cant do justice to the scale of these buildings.

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