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Welcome to the Fisher Building

Part four – today we look at ceiling mural details.

As dFUNK reader George notes after his recent trip to the Fisher Building, the lighting inside is less than conducive to photography. I used a either a flash – or a heavy tripod and long exposures, and still had to do radical white balance adjustments. There are some color variations as a result.

The center dome is ringed with these eagle image.

Now lets move to the characters in the main mural in the large arcade outside the Fisher Theater.

The domed ceiling is ringed with majestic eagles

Tambourine woman..

Woman playing a lyre harp. Interesting that these iconic image seem to be Celtic in origin, right down to their red hair.

Cornucopia bearer

Holding tropical birds

Pan flute player

Butterfly man

Playing a recorder

Holding a dove

Holding a mirror

Holding a sickle

A couple of really odd red haired native-American figures…

Playing the pipes

Holding fish

Holding flowers

Heres a cool centaur


Unicorn squirrels ? ?



Uh…Beaver fish ?

Pea Hens


These are the designs that are in the arches that line the arcade ceilings.

This is my favorite – “THRIFT” with the bees and the hive. A very common motif in architecture.



There are many more of these – check them all out if you visit.

In tomorrows post we will see some of the bronze details, reliefs and borders, as well as the gorgeous mosaic pieces.

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